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Laura Spring Book Bag & Small Duffle Bag 2013 Screen printed cotton duck, 36x36cm Photo credit: Caro Weiss

Selected 2014

Exhibition, 29 November–21 December

SELECTED unites 27 makers in a selling exhibition of craft and design at Dovecot Studios for the second year running. This elite showcase includes work from some of the most talented makers in Scotland across a number of disciplines including ceramics, jewellery, furniture, textiles, glass and silver.

Anaïs Paulard Moody Tube grey red brooch 2014  Copper pipes, varnish, nylon, spray thread paint, pigments, 5x3x2cm Photo credit: Anaïs Paulard

Selected Symposium: Making Connections

Event, 12:00pm–7:00pm, 1 December

Selected Symposium: Making Connections will address the fast evolving nature of craft practices in the 21st century that uses Selected as a backdrop to discuss Scotland’s new craft.

Acts of Doing, photo credit: David Gates

Edge and Shore - Acts of Doing

Happening, 30 January–7 February

Working within the gallery space at Dovecot, visual artist Helen Carnac and dance artist Laïla Diallo reveal an ever-evolving work that brings together objects, images, film, writing and live making.

Photo credit: Gorm Ashurst

Edge and Shore Workshop

Event, 11:00am–5:00pm, 2 February

A workshop led by Carnac and Diallo draws on ideas and ways into making developed during Edge and Shore, inviting participants to join them in their enquiry into process. This workshop is aimed at artists from any medium interested in exploring materiality and making.

Photo credit: Gorm Ashurst

Edge and Shore Artist Talk

Event, 6:00pm–7:00pm, 3 February

Edge and Shore artists Helen Carnac and Laïla Diallo in conversation with Dovecot weaver Jonathan Cleaver. Chaired by Roanne Dods.