• The Art of Being an Apprentice

Online exhibition The Art of Being an Apprentice charts the journey of Elaine Wilson throughout her apprenticeship at Dovecot. From translating her own paintings to tapestry, to weaving works inspired by Romantic painter JMW Turner and contemporary artist Jenny Saville, The Art of Being an Apprentice demonstrates the skill and artistry of an early-career weaver.

Since 1912, the skills of tapestry weaving have been passed down from Dovecot Master Weaver to Apprentice. Through this display, we invite you to join us on the Apprentice journey to witness the evolution of skill and artistry of Dovecot’s newest weaver.

Image above: Elaine Wilson, Apprentice Weaver Dovecot Studios 2020. Image Mike Wilkinson Photography | Individual Tapestry Images by Kenneth Gray Photography | Films by Edinburgh Film Company.

About Elaine Wilson

Elaine Wilson joined Dovecot in 2017 as an Apprentice Weaver and she continues her training as junior weaver and apprentice rug tufter. Alongside her work as a weaver, Elaine also maintains her independent studio practice as a painter. She graduated from Edinburgh College of Art with a BA (hons) degree in Painting in 2000. She also studied Stitched Textiles and Fashion Design at Edinburgh’s Telford College, and holds an MA in Cultural and Creative Enterprise from Queen Margaret University, Edinburgh. An abstract painter, Elaine approaches weaving with an interest in creating varied surfaces and experimenting with different mark-making techniques, as well as looking at the use and interaction of colour in order to create interesting and dynamic images.

The Dovecot Apprenticeship is funded by The Dovecot Foundation with additional support from the Queen Elizabeth Scholarship Trust and Allchurches Trust.

Dovecot Foundation
Elaine Wilson

Elaine Wilson


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