Dovecot Collecting Swimming Memories

Dovecot’s upcoming exhibition, BATHS TO BOBBINS 10 years at Infirmary Street, opens on 29 March 2018 and will explore the gallery’s past life as the Infirmary Street Baths. The Baths, built in 1885, were the first public swimming baths to open in Edinburgh. They were the result of legislation passed in 1846 to encourage the establishment of public wash-houses.

Celebrating ten years of weaving on Infirmary Street, Dovecot are collectihng Swimming Memories on the Tapestry Studio Viewing Balcony and encourage people share their own memories of the building in its former days as the Baths. We would like to thank all those who have contributed this thus far. The contributions add to our rich history and highlight an important link to the studio’s previous life.

Please share your memories by downloading this form and passing it on to Front Desk at Dovecot..

Swimming in Memories form


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