Edinburgh Napier University and Dovecot work to create a virtual view of the Tapestry Studio

21 December 2016

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Edinburgh Napier University and Dovecot work to create a virtual view of the Tapestry Studio

Dovecot is working with Edinburgh Napier University to produce a virtual view into the Tapestry Studio, giving visitors an opportunity to deepen their understanding of the process of tapestry and rug making.

A prototype 360-degree video of the Weaving Floor with short films of the weavers and rug tufters discussing their work can be explored as part of an application which is on display throughout the Colour and Light exhibition at Dovecot Gallery until 25 February 2017.

The film highlights activity within the weaving floor at Dovecot and allows viewers to see the skill and work involved in contemporary tapestry making in close focus. A built-in ‘hot spot’ feature allows viewers to gain further insight from members of the studio’s team, with touchscreen technology adding to its interactivity. Filmed and developed at Edinburgh Napier, the application is hoped to be the first step in accessing the studio in full virtual reality. This would eventually allow users to gain an insight into the space from their own mobile device with the use of a headset.

The application was created with an innovation voucher from the Scottish Funding Council and its development was led by Dr Tom Flint and Professor Kenny Mitchell from the University’s School of Computing. Videography was by lecturer Andrew McKelvey with the application development itself by computing student Zoe Wall.

A short demo film about how the application can be used in the Dovecot Gallery space can be viewed here. Also keep up with the project at Edinburgh Napier University: What Do Dovecot Weavers Do All Day?


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