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This exhibition, Dwelling, marks the start of a long relationship between Garry Fabian Miller and Dovecot Tapestry Studio.

Featuring two new gun-tufted hearth rugs created in collaboration with the artist, the exhibition pulls together the many threads of influence which inform their design and creation. One of the most experimental and progressive figures in fine art photography, Garry Fabian Miller has created large scale camera-less photographs since the mid-1980s. His pure pictures of light are as spiritually and emotionally profound as they are technically brilliant.

With the coming of the digital age in photography, and the consequent discontinuation of Cibachrome paper essential to his photographic practice, Fabian Miller has taken the bold step to reach out from photography to explore new ways of making work, in particular his new collaborations with Dovecot. As Fabian Miller looked forward to how his practice would evolve in response to the changing photographic landscape, this process also inspired a moment of self-reflection. Time for him to look back at his own influences and the conditions that led him to produce the body of work he has achieved in a lifetime of practice. Works in Dwelling highlight the importance of Fabian Miller’s home and its landscape, the work and life of Winifred Nicholson and light in domestic spaces often emanating from its heart: the fire and hearth.

A large scale tapestry created with Fabian Miller is planned by Dovecot Tapestry Studio; this exhibition will also open the beginning stages of this process.

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