• Make Do & Mend with TOAST

In the 2020s,  a new make-do-and-mend mood is changing the outlook of consumers and the fashion industry. Join Dovecot x TOAST to explore and discuss why more of us are looking to care, repair and rewear in the face of fast fashion. 

In this inspiring panel discussion, you will hear about new research into this trend and examples from the business of fashion including how British lifestyle brand TOAST is delivering a TOAST Repair service with Emily Mae Martin.

Our panelists include:

Award winning Academic Dr Lynn Wilson who founded Circular Design Scotland Ltd will give share insights from a decade long career in the the circular economy . 

Fashion Campaign Manager Ruth MacGilp will join the disscussion highlighting how empowering consumers to make positive change to their spending habits can make a big difference in the current climate crisis.  

Dovecot Director Celia Joicey will also present historical examples from Dovecot's exhibition KNITWEAR Chanel to Westwood such as how World War Two clothing rations led to creative ways of recycling garments – one of which was the unravelling of old sweaters - and managing materials.


Tickets £10.50

Every ticket sold supports the work of The Dovecot Foundation to advance visual art, craft and design in all its forms.

Please note that Tickets are non-refundable, non-transferable and may not be exchanged unless due to extenuating circumstances. 

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