• Raphael as Designer

Raphael was a man of many talents. Not only an excellent painter, he designed theatre sets, metalwork, engravings and mosaics. He was also architect to the Pope and fought for the preservation of Rome’s ancient monuments. Join Carol M Richardson to learn more about Raphael’s flourishing businesses and how he became one of the most sought-after designers in Europe. This talk will delve into some of Raphael’s lesser-known projects. 


Image: Raphael Sanzio, 1506, The Uffizi Galleries, Florence, Italy. © Gabinetto Fotografico delle Gallerie degli Uffizi


About Carol M Richardson

Carol M Richardson specialises in institutional patronage, particularly that of the Early Modern period. Her research to date has been primarily concerned with the papal city, Rome, and the ways in which the patronage of individuals combine to create corporate identity. A particular feature in all things Roman is the embeddedness of the long history of the city in the works of art and architecture created there.

Being a native Scot, Carol took both her degrees close to home, at the University of St Andrews. She went on to teach at Aberdeen, Edinburgh and The Open University in Milton Keynes, moving to Edinburgh in 2012. She is passionate about the History of Art as the ultimate interdisciplinary subject area, which makes it both inclusive and challenging. She believes it is an antidote to media attention on global crisis and humanity’s inhumanity as art often emerges from, comments on, sometimes resolves and almost always atones for some of our worst actions.



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