• Storytelling for Young and Old: Masters and Apprentices (Hearing Loop available)

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Partnering with Scottish Storytelling Centre

This immersive drop-in storytelling session and workshop, inspired by the stories of The Weaver’s Apprentice exhibition, welcomes all age groups to listen and share stories with each other.

The session is led by textile artist, designer and curator Jan Bee Brown. Jan is an apprentice storyteller at the Scottish Storytelling Centre in Edinburgh. Her apprenticeship lasts three years – the same duration as the Dovecot weaver’s apprenticeship.

“A story is like a piece of weaving. If the warp threads are the characters, then the weft is the journey they travel and the adventures they have. What I was most worried about at first was remembering the stories, but as an apprentice storyteller, we are taught to draw the story, unpick its threads and reweave it with our own carefully chosen colours and textures.”

Attendees are invited to draw and share their own stories, and listen to the adventures of hero Finn McCool, the sly fox, the canny tailor and the enchanted Prince. You will sit around the historic The Chace tapestry depicting the scene of a hunt in the New Forest, listening to stories of hunting and finding what you are good at, and learning patience and perseverance. You will then explore together for stories, unpicking what makes a good story and then inter-weaving these together with soft paper and words.

Hearing loop amplifier kits can be used with T loop option. Due to limited number of kits, please let us know if you require one in advance.

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Scottish Storytelling Centre
Dovecot Foundation
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