• Tania Kovats: SEAMARKS

Tania Kovats’ ongoing series SEAMARKS, multiple seascapes captured in brushstrokes, drawings and ceramic, is being expanded with the creation of a new tapestry by Dovecot Studios. Kovats presents the passing of time through the broken surface of the sea, the elemental rhythms of the moon and the meditative qualities of weaving and drawing. As the marks get smaller and closer towards the horizon they invoke a sense of infinity, exploring how art can speak to our critical climate emergency.

The artist has been collaborating closely with Dovecot’s Master Weavers since January to create and interpret her tapestry design. Hand-woven by four weavers, the work has taken four months to complete and measures 1.5 metres square. The tapestry’s incredible depth and texture has been achieved through the gradation of tone towards the light of the horizon and by combining the properties of different yarns. 


Please note that this exhibition is on the tapestry studio viewing balcony and is open for limited hours –

Monday to Friday, 12:00 – 15:00 and Saturday (and Sunday in August), 10:00 – 17:00.


Artist Biography

British born artist, Tania Kovats, makes drawings, sculpture, and large-scale projects that explore our experience of the natural world. Her work includes Tree, an installation for the Natural History Museum London; WELL, a drinking water fountain created for Fruitmarket; and Rivers, a large-scale sculpture at Jupiter Artland near Edinburgh. She is the University of Dundee’s Professor of Drawing and Making. 

Edinburgh Art Festival 2024
Edinburgh Fringe Festival

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