• William Morris in Fashion

Join Annette Carruthers as she talks us through the thoughts of William Morris and his take on Victorian fashion. 

William Morris was noted for being 'very careless and unfinished in his dress' and he railed against the extravagances of Victorian fashion, but he was very interested in clothes and promoted the idea that they should be both practical and beautiful.

This talk will take a light-hearted look at the dress of his family, friends and colleagues in artistic circles in the late nineteenth century, the sometimes surprising use of Morris furnishing fabrics for clothing around 1900 and in the 1960s, and the present-day proliferation of Morris patterns in designer collections and fast fashion. Come dressed in Morris if you can.

Price: £12



Image: Strawberry Thief, furnishing fabric, designed William Morris, 1883 Credit: V&A Museum, London England (CC BY-SA)

About Annette Carruthers

Annette Carruthers worked as a decorative-arts curator in Leicester and Cheltenham and taught at the University of St Andrews until 2014. 


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