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  • 24 Lengths

Dovecot Studios have been weaving in the former Infirmary Street Baths for over 10 years. To celebrate this milestone, Dovecot weavers undertook a project to weave 24 individual tapestries, which come together to form an image of the swimming pool which once occupied the Studio.

Dovecot weavers take a collegiate approach to tapestry by discussing and collaborating to find a common style and approach. While our usual aim is consistency, this anniversary project titled 24 Lengths allowed the weavers freedom to approach each section in their own personal style, using whatever techniques they personally felt were most appropriate.

The title 24 Lengths refers not only to the idea of doing lengths of a pool, but also the lengths of wool used in weaving. The movement up and down when warping a loom, and the back and forth of the weft have an affinity with the purposeful repetitiveness of a swimmer’s movement.

Each tapestry is available for sale. If you are interested in purchasing one or all of these works, please contact Susan Mc Ateer, Marketing and Sales Manager, at

The Art of Being an Apprentice

The Art of Being an Apprentice

3 March 2021 to 3 May 2021
Weaving Water

Weaving Water

16 March 2021 to 31 March 2021

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