Matt Connors, Union Bug, 2019

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Matt Connors, Union Bug, 2019

New York based artist Matt Connors absorbs influences from a broad roster of artists, writers, filmmakers, and musicians to create paintings and sculptures that are bold and energetic.

To expand the physical potential of the artist’s work, The Modern Institute who represent Connors approached Dovecot Studios to create a tapestry derived from one of the artist’s paintings.

Titled Union Bug, 2019, this painting was selected by the artist to be translated into tapestry. Dovecot Master Weaver Naomi Robertson and Weaver Emma Jo Webster were particularly drawn to the layered colours and textures of the painting. While bold blocks of colour make up the structure of the work, there is a movement and depth to the canvas, and the nuance in tones of colour and brushstrokes made it an exciting work to weave.

This piece has been commissioned as part of FIGURE, Matt Connor’s solo exhibition at The Modern Institute, Glasgow. Union Bug, 2019, is a contemporary tapestry that expands on the textures and methods of Connors’ painting.


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