• Stairwell Weave-In

Stairwell Weave-In is a site-specific installation created by textile artist Shane Waltener with assistance from Nick Duxbury for the Dovecot Studios building on Infirmary Street in 2010.

This was part of the touring exhibition Taking time: Craft and the Slow Revolution, curated by Helen Carnac and Craftspace, and was completed in situ over the course of two days. The exhibition addressed issues emerging from the Slow Movement, which developed as a response to our increasingly fast lifestyles and our unsustainable consumer culture.

Trained as a sculptor, Shane Waltener's (b. 1966) work draws inspiration from craft traditions and processes. The objects and installations he creates often reference craft work, from needle and sugarcraft to weaving and basketry.

Stairwell Weave-In is located on the main staircase at Dovecot, and is accessible to all visitors to the building.


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