• Weaving From Home

Inspired by the tapestries created by the talented weavers at Dovecot? Why not have a go yourself!

For over 100 years Dovecot has collaborated with international artists to make exceptional handwoven tapestries. Through our work we want to inspire and innovate, and we believe that anybody can enjoy the art of weaving. That is why we are sharing some useful tips on how to weave from home.

The first thing you need is a loom to weave on. Download our guide on how to warp a simple frame loom and tag us on social media to share your work with us.


Step 1: How to – Warp a Frame Loom

Step 2: How to – Knotting On

Step 3: How to – Plain Weave

Step 4: How to – Start a new Colour of Weft

Step 5: How to – Finish a Colour

Step 6: How to – Finish your Tapestry

Bonus Step: Different Weaving Techniques

If you are in a position to support The Dovecot Foundation we would greatly appreciate donations at this time.


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