• Alan Davie: Cosmic Spiral

Grangemouth-born Alan Davie (1920-2014) was a true polymath, working as a painter, jeweller, and jazz musician. The energy of Davie’s artistic output and his appetite for global cultural exploration made for a rich collaborative relationship with Dovecot Studios.

In 2003, Dovecot worked with Davie to design a new tapestry to be displayed in an exhibition titled Folklife at the Smithsonian Institute in Washington. Unusually, Dovecot Master Weavers Douglas Grierson and David Cochrane were commissioned to weave the tapestry on-site at the Smithsonian. Over the course of several weeks, they wove Cosmic Spiral in front of over a million visitors.

The defined offbeat patterns and colour palette of Cosmic Spiral are a representation of Davie’s approach, and is a stunning example of his artistic commitment to the spiritual and the mythic qualities of art. Through the medium of tapestry, common to cultures and indigenous craft all over the world, Davie’s work takes on a new life and presence.


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