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Baths and Bathers, 2008
Douglas Grierson (b.1946)
Woven by David Cochrane, Douglas Grierson, Naomi Robertson
Wool and cotton
200 × 120 cm


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5a6a0915cb041-Baths and Bathers. 2008. Douglas Grierson. DG, DC & NR. 2000mm x 1200mm.jpg

This tapestry was created to observe Dovecot’s move to its new home at the restored Victorian swimming baths on Infirmary Street in 2008.

The tapestry shows bathing figures depicted by various artists throughout the art ages including Ingres’ Odalisque and a young boy calling out from Seurat’s celebrated Bathers at Asnieres to the humorously placed shark by Damien Hirst. Bathers by Matisse and Bonnard also feature and are all arranged on a backdrop redolent of Hockney’s pool painting.

The bright ceramic tiles in the design reflect the colours of wool on the spools ready for use in the new tapestry studio, and a towel is flung playfully over the Balcony.

The tapestry is a nod to the artist and weaver’s collaborative relationship. This woven masterpiece is a homage to the work of the represented artists but also highlights the Dovecot weaver’s skill for interpretation.


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