• Garry Fabian Miller: Voyage into the deepest, darkest blue
  • Garry Fabian Miller: Voyage into the deepest, darkest blue

Dovecot Tapestry Studio have worked with Garry Fabian Miller to create a tapestry that draws upon the weavers’ great skill in the carefully considered blending of colour to capture the colour purity in Fabian Miller’s photographic work.

Marking a turning point in his career, in 2011 the materials the artist had habitually worked with fell out of production. To expand his practice and experiment with further mediums, the artist collaborated with Dovecot to create a tapestry that would re-explore the intense experience of colour that characterise his photographs. The material qualities of a woven tapestry with a soft, light absorbing surface are quite distinct from his previous work, however, the artist recognised that by working with Dovecot weavers a whole new range of optical effects was possible.

The resulting Voyage into the deepest, darkest blue is not a direct representation of one of Fabian Miller’s work, rather it is a new image created by amalgamating two of the artist’s photographs.


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