• Kurt Jackson: Grangemouth at Night Smoke and Lights
    Kurt Jackson, Dovecot Studios
    Grangemouth at Night Smoke and Lights

Kurt Jackson is a British artist who creates large-scale paintings that reflect natural landscapes while highlighting environmental concerns. A great campaigner for sustainable living, Jackson revels in the genuine wildness of the Scottish landscape and often paints outside in nature.

This image by Jackson of the oil refinery and chemical works in Grangemouth on the river Forth depicts diabolical flames belching an unnatural yellow smoke into the dark skies. Originally a painting, the artist worked with Dovecot weavers to interpret this work as a gun-tufted rug.

The alarming message of climate change is felt in this impressive work, however, the yellows and pinks expelled by the refinery take on a nearly abstract quality, creating a beautiful image independent of the subject matter. Dovecot weavers used many natural wools for this work, with the resulting image taking on a powerful presence as a large rug.

Edition 4 of 7 is currently available for sale.

Kurt Jackson

Kurt Jackson

Ben Hymers

Ben Hymers


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