• Naomi Robertson: Reflections

In celebration of the move into the renovated Infirmary Street Baths in 2008, and the approaching centenary of the tapestry studio in 2012, each Dovecot weaver designed a work which reflected this historic building and their own feelings for their new space and the future. In response to the call for an original composition Dovecot Master Weaver Naomi Robertson created an elegant figurative solution.

As a cultivated draughtswoman, Robertson enjoys the projection of a human form in tapestry, but rarely gets the opportunity to do so. Her virtuoso depiction of tonal shadows in the back of the young woman and in the surface of the water contrasts neatly with the girl looking forward to the bands of colour above the water. These illustrate the spools of wool in their range across each colour as they await her skills in the new use of this building. 


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