• Julie Brook: Untitled Rug
    Dovecot Studios
    Untitled Rug

Julie Brook is an artist who immerses herself in her work completely and has spent extended periods of time living in, and as part of, various wilderness locations across the world. New bodies of work result from these immersive periods.

For the 2013 exhibition Made_Unmade she headed to the remote deserts of Libya and Namibia, relying on the support of local people to survive. There she began working with the locally mined burnt ochre pigment that is used in the region for body decoration.

The rug is an interpretation by Dovecot Tufter Jonathan Cleaver, of the many subtleties of colour and tone that can be found in the raw pigment drawings created by Brook after she returned from the Namibian desert. Not a copy of one particular drawing, the rug becomes a sensitive interpretation of the feeling of the many works from the series that Brook created.

Further editions of this rug are available, please contact info@dovecotstudios.com for more information.


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