David Mackintosh, Log Suite, dimensions variable, 38 hand painted ceramic logs and wall drawing, 2013

PHANTOM LIMN; a collaborative investigation into drawing

Phantom: an appearance without material substance, a dream image
Limn: to depict or describe in painting, drawing or words

Eight artists from the UK and Europe will come together to produce drawings over a period of one week, using the North Gallery of Dovecot as a studio. In advance of this, the artists have compiled a number of keywords that describe their individual work and research interests to inspire and initiate methods of making new work together. These new works will consider the relationship between language registers (visual, written, spoken) using the keywords to develop a generative process of working together for a fixed timeframe. This loosely defined brief will allow the artists to borrow different ideas, tools and methods from each other to produce a flow of images, often working at a subconscious level. Their ambition for the project is to challenge habitual processes by working in close proximity, using drawing to explore the way other artists think and make. This will be the first time these artists have worked together.

This project is partly inspired by Dovecot itself, where international collaboration and making is at the heart of its activities. Additionally, all of the artists are involved in the teaching of art, so this project in part aims to forge new processes of experimentation and learning. As the work gets made it will be put on display on a temporary sculptural framework of the artists’ devising, designed in response to the tapestry frames that Dovecot use. The artists will edit and respond to each other’s work, allowing the visual and conceptual correspondences between their drawings to be made apparent. Alongside this new work made in situ, the artists will also display examples of their own individual art practices.

Participating artists:
Stuart Bennett, Edinburgh College of Art
Chloé Briggs, Paris College of Art
Kelly Chorpening, University of the Arts London
Véronique Devoldère, Paris College of Art
Rebecca Fortnum, Royal College of Art
Dean Hughes, Edinburgh College of Art
David Mackintosh, University of Central Lancashire
Marc Nagtzaam, Sint Lucas, Antwerp

Viewing times: Thursday 6 to Monday 10 July 2-5 pm
Visitors can watch the work happen. Student guides from Edinburgh College of Art’s fine art courses will be on hand to discuss with visitors how work has developed within this ‘live’ studio environment.

Finissage Monday 10 July 4-5.30pm
Please register via Eventbrite.


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