Brandon Logan
    Brandon Logan, Devil's Bit, Acrylic and string, 135.5x113cm

This exhibition highlights the diverse and dynamic work being produced by new Scottish art school graduates. Showcasing photography, film, sculpture and painting from ten Scotland-based artists, all of whom have graduated from major Scottish art schools since 2018, the exhibition engages audiences with the vitality of emerging contemporary art in Scotland.

All ten of these early-career artists are linked by their use of landscape to interrogate a range of issues including sustainability, heritage, care, isolation, craftsmanship and colonialist history. They go beyond traditional landscape representation, using movement, ritual and performance to tackle the genre in a fresh way. As well as sparking new conversations about the Scottish landscape, this free exhibition has been curated by artist-curator Siobhan McLaughlin to provide a platform for emerging artists at the start of their careers. 


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