• David Peat: An Eye on the World

Voted one of the top exhibitions of 2012 by the List Magazine

The roots of David Peat’s photography lie firmly in the classic street photography genre. Continually inspired by the masters of street photography and their skill at seeing and hunting a meaningful image within a moment in time, Peat has quietly built his own personal portfolio of images during a working life around the world. 

His earliest work, a portfolio from 1968 – shot when he was just 21- is included in this exhibition and shows images of the street life of the children in Glasgow, taken against the background of crumbling tenement buildings and a city in transition. These now have an extraordinary archive value and the Scottish National Portrait Gallery have recognised this by including 40 of these prints in their collection. The images were published in a book, An Eye on the Street, in 2012.

Over the next 40 years, whenever the opportunity arose, while working as an award winning documentary film maker or on holiday with his family, Peat continued to record street life. As with his film work, his photographic images show a unique ability to capture his subject without seeming to intrude and often with humour and compassion.

This retrospective will coincide with the launch of his second book, An Eye on the World.

The exhibition was previously seen at Street Level in Glasgow in the exhibition ‘David Peat: Photographer: A Retrospective’

You can read more about An Eye on the World in Neil Cooper’s preview piece in The List here

As well as another preview piece from the Helensburgh Advertiser which also talks about the publication of the new book which acompanies the exhibition here

You can also watch film historian David Bruce discuss the photography of filmmaker David Peat in this You Tube video here

Street Level Glasgow

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