Green Circles with David Poston

In 2010, jeweller and interdisciplinary designer David Poston made small, three-dimensional stainless steel wire structures to which Dovecot’s Master Weaver Jonathan Cleaver then responded to in his own way. Cleaver and Poston shared ownership of the piece, communicating by email regarding decisions about colour, texture and which parts to weave in viscose or leave. There developed a mutual pleasure in the process of collaboration in the creation of the piece M799 Green Circles which was exhibited as part of Sitting and Looking at Dovecot in July 2010 and then Somerset House until 2011, curated by Jim Partridge and Liz Walmsley.

The Green Circles armwear piece will now be displayed in the Making and Creating gallery, one of ten new galleries of applied art, design, fashion, science and technology opening at the National Museum of Scotland in summer 2016. Dovecot and Poston hope to work together again on as large a scale as future commissions may allow. The 3D tapestry integration has no limitations of scale or context and lends itself to architectural and natural environments.


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