• Douglas Grierson: Dovecot Tapestry
  • Douglas Grierson: Dovecot Tapestry

This tapestry was created by Master Weaver Douglas Grierson, who retired from the Studio in 2012 after 50 years weaving at Dovecot. He was first employed as a 15 year old to the Dovecot Apprenticeship programme. In the design for Dovecot Tapestry the draughtsmanship of the weaver is tested along with his eye for detail and tapestry weaving skill.

The piece portrays ‘dovecots’ through art and history from around the world. In his research for the tapestry, Grierson found illustrations in books, on postcards and in paintings. There is a French dovecot with its little awning, a series of ‘crow’s steps’ and stylised images of flying pigeons also appear.

All of the symbols are individually posted into a grid like structure representing the nesting boxes or ‘doocots’ where the birds perch. The old dovecot logo at top left launches the image, with the pink dovecot motif at the middle bottom being the Dovecot identity of today. This graphic tapestry reflects on Dovecot Studios’ identity and the 16th century beehive style dovecot in the grounds of the first home in Corstorphine where the Tapestry Studio was founded in 1912.


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